BOM for 2017 in Electric Quilt

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If you have EQ7, download the files as they appear.  I will do my best to load the EQ designs with the blocks each month, although I won’t guarantee to get them out at the same time as the PDF.  Just so many hours in the day.  Check back often!

These files only work if you have EQ7 or a related EQ program installed on your computer, but may not work with earlier versions.  These files are inaccessible without EQ!  Click on the .pj7 file to transfer it to your computer and place it in your Electric Quilt folder.  That should do it.  

However, if you have problems downloading, try a different browser!  That may be all it takes.

Have fun using them in your EQ quilts.  If you design a quilt with these blocks, I would love to see it and will share it in my BOM Gallery!  That actually applies to any quilt made from my patterns, whether or not it is in EQ.  Always love to see your work!

ATTENTION EQer’s!  Please read the note cards.  Since the program generates the templates, it isn’t possible to have parts in front and behind a motif at the same time.  The note card has instructions on how the part is to be placed.  I foresee that each appliquéd letter will have stems or leaves behind the actual letter or pass through the openings.  You can also decide for yourself how you want the stems and leaves placed.

When a letter has closed areas, as O, P, Q and R have, those areas are cut out of the letter fabric, exposing the background.  A little reverse appliqué for you!  Those templates are “broken” to allow for the background to show.

jan17bom.pj7 feb17bom.pj7 mar17bom.PJ7 apr17bom.pj7
r st u v
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If you want to talk about the blocks or EQ7, come to the latest blog, the link is below.



16 Responsesso far.

  1. BONNIE THIEM says:

    I thank you that I can get the blocks in PDF. I don’t have EQ. Looking forward to making the Floral Alphabetic blocks.

  2. carol says:

    I cannot get the files to save. If I right click, I get an HTML. If I left click I get scrambled garbage. All other PJ7 files have always saved with no problem so what am I doing wrong? Thanks. Carol

    • bdieges says:

      Are you trying to open it with EQ? I work on a MAC. Open EQ first and try to open it. I just went to the page and I clicked on the .pj7 file. A window opened asking where to save it. Then I open My EQ folder, inside of it is a PJ7 folder, open that and that is where you save it.

  3. carol says:

    Success with downloading! I decided to try downloading through Firefox and it worked like a charm! I am beyond grateful to Barbara Dieges for the time she has taken with me to try and figure this out. Not every designer would have been so thoughtful of her followers. Ms Barbara, you are a keeper!! ((Hugs)) Carol

  4. Betsy says:

    Thank you for the blocks. Will you be releasing the rest of the alphabet next year?

    • bdieges says:

      Yes, this is a two year project! I don’t like planning so far in advance, but decided to “just do it!”

  5. Carolyn Weaver says:

    Thank you for the pattern, I would like to use just the alphabets in another project using the back basting method.

  6. Sally M says:

    Can’t download EQ files in Windows 10, If I right click, I get an HTML. If I left click I get scrambled garbage. Fortunately it works just fine in Chrome, Firefox and the old IE!
    Will you be posting May (E) file soon?

    • bdieges says:

      Thank you for letting me know which browsers WORK! Will be getting to the EQ design soon, “time” is sometimes pushed to the limit in this household!

  7. Beverly Neddo says:

    unable to get the Alphabetic blocks out have try for awhile am still unable to

    • bdieges says:

      Did you try another browser? That is what others have done and they have downloaded them just fine.

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