BOM 2016 in EQ

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If you have EQ7, download the files now.  There is a new page for 2017, so this page is available until the end of February because I was so tardy in getting the last couple of months out there.

Be aware that these files will only work if you have EQ7 or a related EQ program installed on your computer, but may not work with earlier versions.  These files are inaccessible without EQ!  Click on the .pj7 file to transfer it to your computer and place it in your Electric Quilt folder.  That should do it.  

However, if you have problems downloading, try a different browser!  That may be all it takes.

Have fun using them in your EQ quilts.  If you design a quilt with these blocks, I would love to see it and will share it in my BOM Gallery!  That actually applies to any quilt made from my patterns, whether or not it is in EQ.  Always love to see your work!

ATTENTION EQer’s!  Please read the note cards.  Since the program generates the templates, it isn’t possible to have parts in front and behind a motif at the same time.  The note card has instructions on how the part is to be placed.  I foresee that each appliquéd letter will have stems or leaves behind the actual letter or pass through the openings.  You can also decide for yourself how you want the stems and leaves placed.

When a letter has closed areas, such as the A, B, D and others, those areas are cut out of the letter fabric, exposing the background.  A little reverse appliqué for you!

a_blk_fin b_blk_fin c_blk_fin d_blk_fin
jan16bom.pj7 feb16bom.pj7 mar16bom.pj7 apr16bom.pj7
5.mayblock f_blk_fin G_blkfin h_blk_fin
may16bom.pj7 june16bom.pj7 jul16bom.pj7 aug16bom.pj7
IJ_fin_combo k_blk_fin
sep16bom.pj7 oct16bom.pj7 nov16bom.pj7 dec16bom.pj7